Online Drawing Classes

The drawing classes are Drawing Realistic Subjects in Pencil
and Drawing Realistic Subjects in Coloured Pencils. 

Drawing Realistic Subjects in Pencil

Beginners and those with some drawing experience will learn how to draw with step-by-step instructions. Learn professional pencil shading, blending and erasing techniques. There are twelve tutorials including still life, landscape, animals and portraiture.

Learn drawing techniques and artistic tips to improve observation skills by breaking down subjects into simpler shapes. Students will understand the core fundamentals of drawing such as values, contour, perspective, light and shadow.

At the completion of this online course, you will have a portfolio of realistically detailed pencil drawings.


Drawing Realistic Subjects in Coloured Pencils

Beginners and more experienced artists will learn step-by-step to create realistic coloured pencil drawings. With still life, landscape, animals and portraiture as subject matter, you will take part in detailed tutorial instruction. Learn professional techniques for layering, stroking, burnishing and stumbling in creating smooth backgrounds, fur and skin tones. An informative online discussion forum will provide you with a classroom environment to learn drawing techniques, while critiques will offer support, suggestions and improvements. Any computer device with internet access and email.


Also available at the following Ontario Colleges: