What I Used In This Demo:

Stonehenge Tan Paper 8.5 x 11
Prismacolor Premier White Coloured Pencil


Step 1:

With the Prismacolor Premier White coloured pencil (you could also use other white coloured pencils such as Faber-Castell, Stabilo, Coloursoft or Luminance) I begin by stroking out my whiskers. Initially you would have an outline of your subject already drawn on the paper. Since I am drawing on coloured paper I would draw my outline using white chalk (General`s White Pencil Chalk). As I stroke out the whiskers I use my wrist to gently taper off the ends. I don`t want the whiskers to sharply end as though they were cut.



Step 2:

I would now get together the coloured pencils that I would be using for my drawing and begin to stroke in the shades around the white whiskers. I am very careful not to stroke in front of the whiskers as they would be in the foreground with the fur behind them. You could always brighten them up by going over them again.



Step 3:

This is an example of me working on a tabby cat which lots of white whiskers. After I had outlined my drawing of the cat using the white chalk pencil, I will then stroke in my white whiskers using the white coloured pencil. As mentioned in step two above, I will then work around the whiskers using various shades that are in the cat`s fur.





Step 4: Final Scan

This is the final scan of the tabby cat I had drawn using Prismacolor Premier Coloured Pencils. I had a lot of fun drawing this!

Cat - Coloured Pencils